LAMBDA D2/A/B 810/940nm LA1D5001.1/1.2

LAMBDA D10A/B 808/980 nm LA15V002.1/2.2
LAMBDA D15A/B 808/980 nm LA15V001.1/1.2
Doctor Smile erbium&diode laser
Handy LADYA002.1
Lambda Pulsed Light



LAMBDA D2 is a diode laser, portable and cheap, that can be used in each medical treatment that requires low energy levels. It can be easily used in the dental sector for all sterilization treatments, with power needs lower than 2,0 W. It can be moreover, used in oral surgery thanks to its special fibers. The large choice of fibers permits a precision cut and guarantee a hemostatic effects. A special handpiece for bleaching, useful in dentistry, and a special handpiece for therapy, make LAMBDA DD2 an all round equipment with lots of clinical applications.



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