LAMBDA D2/A/B 810/940nm LA1D5001.1/1.2
LAMBDA D10A/B 808/980 nm LA15V002.1/2.2
LAMBDA D15A/B 808/980 nm LA15V001.1/1.2

Doctor Smile erbium&diode laser

Handy LADYA002.1
Lambda Pulsed Light



Doctor Smile erbium&diode Laser is an innovative laser more complete and versatile than the other lasers present in the commerce nowadays. This innovative laser combines two different types of laser (the erbium yag and the diode). Carefully designed to perform a lot of operations treating both soft and hard tissues with greater efficiency, this product has been specifically studied and developed for the dental field, with the aim of improving their work, paying attention to the quality of the life and care of patients' health. It is the right choice of operation giving a higher degree of productivity, hygiene and safety. With the two sources of laser a dentist could do new operations very different from each other: removing caries, preparing all classes of dental cavity, cutting bone tissues and bleaching teeth (thanks to the complete kit in equipment). The integrated software make is very user-friendly : it suggests to the dentist the accurate power, time of treatment and the most appropriate optical fibres, giving the right solution for every operation and thus making work faster and easier. Thanks to the new handpieces and the use of optical fibres, this laser is now more handy and more practical as it has never been before.



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