t ALB Surgicals


Tauras Sante



High reliability


Based on a strong rotation-force, clean and precise amalgam mixing can be performed.


Easy use


By one-touch operation of button, all necessary works can be performed.



Elegant design


Refined and elegant design makes your practice look good.


Intended use and description


This product is dental amalgam mixer for the purpose of mixing amalgam precisely with a shorter amount of time and better safety. Intended use of this product is limited for mixture of dental power amalgam and mercury.


Name of each part




Power : Power on/off of unit


Memory / Mixing addition : Mixing time setting / adding mixing volume during operation


Start / Stop : Start/Stop operation of unit


Mode / Time adjustment : Before operation, for selection mixing volume.


During operation, for adjusting mixing time.


Cap safety LED : When cap is closed completely, Green LED lights on. In case LED does not light on, unit does not operate and 'E1' error message is indicated.


Power-on LED : When main switch on rear side of unit is turned on, Red LED lights on.


Cannot power plug into electrical outlet and turn on main switch on rear side of unit.

Open a cover by pressing front side of it and check the filling status of containers.

Make adjustment of the amount of alloy with adjustment knob attached on right-side of unit.

Make selection of mixing volume in P1 ~ P6.

Select and save working time.

Insert cap over nozzle tightly and press 'Start' button.

After the completion of mixing, take out amalgam mixture.

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