Tauras Sante




Realization of round-shape and light-weight on table without protrusive part.


Flat table optimizing easy cleaning.


Control switch panel on left side (near to operator) of table for better operation.


Instrument holder has a pivot-rotation, independent from bracket table for free position satisfying various treatment styles. Instrument holder cover is detachable for cleaning.


Instrument holder


Layout with angle taking the safety in lifting instruments into the consideration.


Control switch panel

Switches of frequent use are highlighted in color for reliable operation.

Centralized control featuring Auto-position of chair, control of micromotor speed step and etc (countdown timer integrated).


Tube lifter

No touching of tubes to floor for hygiene.


Table handle

Cover of table handle is made of silicone for autoclaving.


Assistant instrument holder

Extendable and swivels for setting at best treatment position.


Tray table on assistant module

Convenient to put small things


Auto-cup filler

(manual switch for cup filling ia also integrated)

By the adoption of optical sensor, cup filling is auto controlled by water level of cup and which makes it possible to use even paper cup. Manual cup filling is also possible.


Ceramic spittoon


Hygienic big spittoon is designed to prevent water splash for easy cleaning.

Vacuum filter

Garage system centralizing into spittoon for easy taking-out and maintenance.

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