Tauras Sante


Optimal Sterilization Performance


For the successful deflation of air and efficient drying, 99.9% of drying effect can be realized with the newly developed vacuum system. During each sterilizing cycle with the pre and post-vacuum process, the total weight change through the whole cycle does not exceed 1%. Total 7 sterilizing cycles are available including 5 sterilization programs and 2 test modes.

Bacteria filter is integrated to prevent re-contamination of sterized objects from the external air in the course of drying process. Zello adopted special separator accelerating vacuum rate of chamber at a short time, and with this separating mechanism for air and water, it enables motor work for its optimum performance.


Pleasant and Convenient Operation


Zello equipped with the negative-pressure noise muffle realizes the quietness as it gets. (Without noise muffle: 63dB, With noise muffle: 42dB)


Microprocessor controlled system makes it easy and convenient to drive the automatic operation.


Semi-permanent silicone heater enables operator free troubleshooting.


By the operation of special separator, lifecycle of pump is extended to more than double while increases the vacuum rate.



Outstanding Safety and Efficiency


Door cannot be opened during sterilization cycle for the safety reason. In case inner pressure is exceeding 2.6 bar, safety valve operates automatically and it lowers the chamber pressure accordingly.


By the control of microprocessor, any errors and malfunctions of operation are displayed on LCD screen.


Integrated printer can print out and store the important data of each sterilization cycle(optional).


Vacuum Device


For better deflation of air and increase of drying efficiency, vacuum pump of diaphragm type with less noise is used. Special separator increasing vacuum rate during the sterilization process and negative-pressure noise muffle decreasing noise from vacuum pump are used for improving reliability.


LCD display


All information related to operation of ZELLO is displayed on LCD. In case of occurrence of any error, user can detect the status of Zello by displayed information with ease and consequently take an appropriate step.



Cycle process

1 step: Pre-vacuum

Elimination of air contained in
objects before sterilization


2 step: Heating

Fill the chamber with
evaporated steam


3 step: Sterilization

Actual sterilization process
keeping temperature and
pressure regularly


4 step: Drying

Improve the drying efficiency


Standard program


User can select the most desirable one among five programs according to the status of objects to be sterilized


Unwrapped: 134° C / 3 min.


Wrapped: 134° C / 12 min.


Packs: 121° C / 30 min.


Liquid: 121° C / 30 min.


User: 101 ~ 135° C / 1 ~ 90 min.

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